Calf Pain

Mountain View

There are many different things that can contribute to calf pain however two of the most common causes of calf pain ar calf strains and achilles tendonitis. A calf strain usually occurs during activity, when the muscle becomes overstretched and an outside force causes the muscle fibers to begin to tear. The strains usually occur in sports like tennis or basketball when a person goes from a stationary to moving position quickly, or changes direction quickly. Inflammation of the Achilles tendon can often cause pain in the calf. The Achilles is already a very tight and inflexible tendon, so when it is extra tight, it can pull on the calf muscle causing pain. Go Tape can increase support and stability to the calf area and act as a superficial layer of protection providing support and elastic rebound effect much like the natural tissue would. Other treatment options of calf pain include: icing, NSAIDS, rest from aggravating activities, compression, proper stretching of the calf and achilles, and seeing a Physical Therapist who can do manual therapies on the calf and prescribe exercises to help strengthen the calf muscle.