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The hamstring is a group of muscles that run down the backside of your thigh and their main function is to help with bending of the knee. There are an abundance of ways to injure your hamstring but most of the time it will be during some sort of physical activity. Two common hamstring injuries include hamstring strain and cramping of the hamstring. A hamstring strain usually occurs when the muscles are overloaded, and they may even begin to tear. Hamstring strain can occur in activities that involve jumping, running, or stop-start activities. Other causes of hamstring strain include not properly warming up before activity, tight quadricep muscles, and having weak glute muscles. Hamstring cramping may be caused by: fatigued or tired muscles that do not get enough oxygen, tight hamstring, and exercising in hot and/or humid environments and not being properly hydrated. Go Tape is beneficial by helping provide an added layer of elasticity similar to muscle tension over top of the damaged hamstrings. Other treatments for either muscle strains or cramps include: icing, NSAIDS, rest, compression, proper hydration, proper stretching and warm up before activity, and strengthening of the muscles.