IT Band

Mountain View

The Iliotibial Band, more commonly known as the IT Band, is a thick band of connective tissue that starts at your hip, runs along the outside of the thigh and attached at the outer regions of the knee. Its main function is to provide support for the knee. Usually when you are having tightness or pain in the IT Band it is caused by the band constantly rubbing over the knee and becoming inflamed. Another cause of IT Band pain is if you have weak glute muscles. Especially when you run, if you have poor or weak glutes it causes your leg to rotate inward which pulls and tightens the IT Band, irritating it and causing pain. Another source of IT Band pain is excessive pronation of the foot, which also causes the leg to roll forward having the same effects on the IT Band. Running on uneven ground or for prolonged period of time with not enough rest between runs is also a big contributor to IT Band pain. Go Tape can help lift the skin at the area where the ITBand often rubs over the distal femur and allow the area to heal without constant friction that it usually endures during the healing process with every step.   Other treatments of IT Band pain include: replacing your footwear accordingly, following a proper stretching program, using a foam roller, icing NSAID, and adding in a good glute workout to your normal workout routine. Good glute exercises include, but are not limited to: clam shells, single-leg squats, side leg lifts, and single-leg bridges.