Lower Back Pain (Lumbar Pain)

Mountain View

Lumbar pain, or more commonly referred to as low back pain, is something that everyone will experience at least once in their life. Most of the time lumbar pain will go away on its own, however sometimes other methods are required to help alleviate the pain. Symptoms of lumbar pain can range from being dull and achy to sharp and shooting and everything inbetween. The pain usually makes standing up straight and moving very uncomfortable. Lumbar pain can also be caused by a number of things. The pain associated after lifting heavy in a workout usually coincide with a muscle strain, however sometimes pain can be caused by a bulging disc in the spine. If you twist, lift or pull anything during your day lumbar pain can develop from that, just as easily as sitting at a desk all day can be the culprit. Another cause of lumbar pain is bad posture. your back supports your weight so when you are slouched over that is when problems arise. Go Tape is very helpful in supporting the lower lumbar spine much the way that an elastic brace would however the tape can be worn comfortably throughout the day and throughout sleep, shower and sporting events. Most of the time when it is a muscle strain, the pain will gradually fade away but some other common treatments of lumbar pain include: using a heating pad, icing, NSAIDS, yoga, seeing a Chiropractor or Physical Therapists, strengthening the back, and of course always maintaining good posture.