Medial Knee Pain

Mountain View

Medial Knee Pain is referring to any pain in the knee that is felt specifically on the inner side of the knee. There are countless reasons for knee pain but one of the more common reasons is due to weakness or tightness of the surrounding muscles. When these muscles are weak or tight it causes more forces to be put on the inner side of the joint which puts more stress on the knee, resulting in pain. Three of the most common causes of Medial Knee pain include: MCL tear, or tear of the medial collateral ligament of the knee; Meniscus tear, or a tear on the medial cartilage of the knee, and arthritis. All 3 of these causes will present themselves with pain, swelling, instability, stiffness, and pain with normal knee movement. GoTape can be applied to help with overall knee stability and increase resistance to valgus stress. You should always consult with a doctor to rule out any major injury, but other treatment of Medial Knee pain include: rest from aggravating activities, icing, NSAIDS, and seeing a Physical Therapist who can do manual therapies on the knee as well as prescribe exercises to strengthen the knee.