SI Joint

Mountain View

The Sacroiliac Joint, more commonly known as the SI Joint, are located in your lower back on either side of the spine. The main purpose of the SI Joints are two carry the weight of your upper body and torso while you stand or move and disperse that load to your legs. When you have pain in this area it is mainly due to an inflammation of the joint. This inflammation can be caused by playing sports or doing activities that put large amounts of pressure on the area like running or jogging, a loosening of the ligaments that hold the joint together causing the bones to move around and get irritated, if the cartilage of the SI joint wears away which can happen with age, and it is also a common thing among pregnant women. Go Taping for the SI joint helps to keep the joint stable and strong by tightening the joints which decreases overall movement in the joint. Other treatments for SI Joint pain include: rest from aggravating activities, NSAIDS, icing, and going to a Physical Therapist who may prescribe exercises to help strengthen the area and improve flexibility, as well as correct any bad habits that may be contributing to the pain.