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There are two types of triceps pain. The first would be pain the actual muscle itself, the triceps brachii. This pain is usually more in the muscle belly, or directly in the middle of the muscle. It can be caused from overuse or from muscle strains or tears. The second kind of triceps pain is going to be pain that is felt more towards the elbow and this is associated with the triceps tendon. The triceps tendon is responsible for keeping the triceps muscle attached to the elbow. Injury to the tendon can be gradual and over time or it can happen quickly. Common causes of tendon injuries are: overuse of the tendon during activity, or a sudden activity that pulls or twists the tendon. Symptoms usually include swelling at the back of the arm near the tendon, and pain when trying to bend or straighten the elbow. Go Tape can easily help create an added layer of support over the tricep by providing an additional layer of muscle more or less due to the elasticity of the tape. You should always consult with a doctor to rule out any major injuries, but other treatments can include: icing, NSAIDS, proper stretching, and seeing a Physical Therapist who can do manual therapies to the affected area as well as prescribe exercises to help strengthen the muscle.