Upper Trap (Shoulder)

For beginner

Mountain View

The upper trapezius muscles, or Traps for short, are a part of the shoulder complex and are a muscle group that is used everyday. The muscles are constantly being overused; whether it is during a workout or sitting at a desk working all day the traps are constantly under stress. When that stress builds up the muscles become tight and along with that tightness comes pain. When not properly taken care of the traps can develop knots which can also be painful and uncomfortable. By taping properly we can gently inhibit the overall tension that is normally found in the upper traps which will help to keep the shoulder blades down in their natural position decreasing overall tension in the trapezius muscle belly and on the neck. Other treatments for Upper Trapezius pain include: icing, NSAIDS, self-myofascial release or trigger point release, and proper stretching and warming up of the muscles before a workout. Having good posture and doing postural exercises can also help to relieve some of that pain.