GoTape/What is GO TAPE?

What is GO TAPE?

GoTape is an elastic sports tape used to manage joint and muscle pain, improve performance, and help you get and stay well. The unique design and manufacturing of GoTape make it the world’s finest kinesiology tape.

How does GO TAPE work?

Muscle Balance – Kinesiology tape can be used to facilitate weak muscles by providing a sensory stimulus to produce a motor result. Basically, this means that the stretch sensation that your nervous system feels when the tape is applied correctly will produce a subconscious muscular response that helps balance out weak muscles with the stronger ones. The tape can also be used to provide constant feedback for muscles that have been atrophied due to disuse after surgery or injury. The continuous feedback helps regenerate the communication between these muscles and the brain so that the nervous system comes back online and does it’s incredibly important job.

Improved Circulation – Your body is incredible at maintaining balance. Receptors literally blanket your body and report situations back to the brain that need attention. When kinesiology tape is applied, the receptors in your skin sense an “issue” and activate the mechanisms to increase blood flow to the area. Though the actual increase in volume is imperceptible to us as we wear the tape comfortably, the increase in circulation helps promote healing and relieve pain due to the amazing attributes of our blood.

Provides Support – Your body senses support in different ways. Kinesiology tape works in two primary ways to provide you with improved support. One, the tape utilizes a mechanism called proprioception. Proprioception is your body’s ability to determine it’s position in space. In order to do this, your nervous system must rely on many inputs from the environment, process those inputs, and deliver constant correction and action. Kinesiology tape helps provide intervention into this process to improve your body’s awareness and turn the brain on.

Relieves Pain – Of importance to all of us is pain relief.  Kinesiology tape helps relieve pain.  The “stretchy” nature of the tape lifts the skin and relieves pressure on pain receptors.  Imagine having a sore shoulder and having someone put their hands on your shoulder and gently lift the tissue.  It feels good right?  In tandem with pressure relief of the pain receptors the Kinesiology tapes’ muscle facilitation or inhibition assists the body in improving more correctly having appropriate movement.  When the body moves correctly pain is reduced as well as when pain is reduced the body moves more correctly and appropriately. And moving appropriately is the fastest way to get back to performing optimally.


What makes GO TAPE special?

What sets GoTape apart from a product standpoint is the superior adhesive used on the tape, the improved quality of materials used in manufacturing, and the quality control in manufacturing to ensure the most consistent and highest quality tape on the market. Where other brands tend to fall off within hours and become ineffective shortly after application, GoTape utilizes an advanced body adhesive that allows for comfortable wear and superior stick. While most tape companies produce their products as inexpensively as possible and use the cheapest available materials.

Who should use GO TAPE?

While GoTape has been engineered and manufactured to very specific specifications to optimize its effects, the core concepts behind the tape remain the same for all individuals. If you would like to increase pain free movement and promote circulation, this is for you. Do you have shoulder pain? We’ve got you covered. How about a swollen ankle after a sprain? Have no fear, we can help. What about that nagging tennis elbow that makes nearly everything a chore, or that plantar fasciitis that flares up at all the wrong times, or the bunion that is slowly but surely getting more and more painful? You’ve come to the right place.